Bare Bottom Caning

Summoned to the headmaster’s study in a traditional English school. Rosaleen is ordered to lift her skirt and bend over for six of the best with a springy rattan cane. Bottle-green regulation knickers are little protection for the avenging rod as it bites deep into her buttocks. Feet spread wide, holding her ankles tightly, she grits her teeth as the first six are applied. Thinking its all over, she stands up, but the head has more in store.

Rosaleen is instructed to remove her panties and stand with her hands on the huge oak beam spanning the fireplace. Buttocks completely bare, she tenses as the whippy cane is laid across her already tender cheeks a further six times, yelping at the pain. Her dramatic facial reactions are captured along with the impacts on her butt cheeks in an exciting, erotic new video this week! Watch out for what happens on the last stroke as Rosaleen faints clear away from the pain.

Spank My Bottom

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