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Those of you who have read or owned a copy of Kane Magazine will know that it has a long history. Kane was originally published by George Harrison Marks back in the 1980s after his brief stint of editing early editions of that well known spanking magazine Janus. Not only did George publish Kane he also pioneered the spanking videos and produced many classics such as Mandy Bait, The Beak The Mistress and the Schoolgirls, both featuring the popular Sue Ellis along with the much sought after The Kane Assignment that features the erotic artist Paula Meadows, now known as Lynn Paula Russell being not only spanked but whipped on her bare bottom with a vicious riding crop. All of these classic videos are available at our new Clips4Sale store


Problem Girls 2003Part One – Early Morning Spankings

Featuring Sven Von Bickershausen as Marcus Wesley Jones, Rachel Lloyd as Debbie Wesley Jones
Debbie had forgot that Marcus had invited his boss and his secretary to dinner that evening hoping to impress him and be considered for promotion and told him that she didn’t have the time or inkling to do it. Marcus was furious and solves the problem in the good old-fashioned time honoured way with a spanking.

The Games Couples Play – Feature Length Video
Featuring Jean Bradley as the Wife and Sven von Vickershausen as the Husband

Sven and his wife Jean have found a way to keep their marriage blissful. If she misbehaves or Sven decides his wife needs to disciplined for any reason whatsoever she bares her bottom for punishment. Even though Jean doesn’t like having her bare bottom walloped she often goes out of her way to ensure her cheeks are hot and sore.

Part One – Dinner Service

Sven had just finished his evening meal when his wife walked in to clear the table dressed in a maid’s outfit. He had a feeling that it was going to be one of those nights as his dinner wasn’t up to his wife’s usual tastiness and his beans were stone cold. His wife might enjoy having her bottom bared and warmed with a gentle spanking but after serving him cold beans he was going to give her much more than that.

Part Two – Game Set and Match

Jean had noticed that her husband had been glued to the television watching Wimbledon even though he had no interest in tennis at all. She knew her lecherous husband only watched it to see the girls in short skirts, hoping to get a flash of their buttock flesh that was outside of their skimpy knickers. Jean couldn’t resist the temptation even though she knew it wouldn’t be balls that would get whacked she decided to dress in tennis whites to regain his attention.

Part Three – The Schoolgirl Wife

Jean knew her husband liked girls in school uniform as her best friend Tabatha told her that she saw him watching the girls at the local school. Althoughit took her a while to find a school uniform in her size she couldn’t wait to see what the effect would be on her husband and wondered if he would punish her with a caning on her bare bottom just like naughty schoolgirls used to get.

Part Four– The Naughty Nurse

Sven had suffered a sleepless night, complaining that he was all aches and pains. Thinking it would make him feel better Jean dressed in her skimpy nurses outfit and massaged his aching muscles. It wasn’t long though before Jean had some serious aches and pains of her own.

Bonus Feature included with the full length video
Jean Bradley’s Revenge

Sven awoke and was shocked to see his wife standing over him wearing a black leather dress, black knee high boots and flexing a wicked rattan cane.Surely he couldn’t be awake he must still be sleeping and having a nightmare but he was awake and his wife was standing over him. At the same time as playing his docile wife unbeknown to him she had been a professional mistress earning extra cash dominating and punishing men. Things were about to change in this household as her submissive nature had been replaced by her her dominate alter ego and it was now her turn to rule the roost. Today Sven was going to start the day with a hard bare bottom caning and he had better get used to it as this is how every day will begin in future.

The True Story

As reader’s of Kane Magazine and viewers of Top Marks Videos will know Sven has performed in many videos and photo-shoots having much fun spanking and caning the cute bottoms of many pretty girls such as Sam Johnson, Rachel Lloyd, Brigalla and Dublin O’Brien to name just a few. We thought it only fair that Sven should also be on the receiving end and devised a sneaky plan to let him know what the kiss of the cane on bare flesh feels like. We told him that the final scene of this video was The Wife’s Revenge and that he wouldn’t be caned hard, it was just for show.

Three Tails of Woe Part Three – The Disrespectful Daughter

Featuring Yvonne Waters and Eddie Hart

Eddie was becoming fearful, his daughter had never stayed out this later before, it was so unlike her. A few hours later and to his relief she arrived home but his joy was short lived as she told him that as she was now eighteen she would do as she pleased and she would stay out as late as she wanted. As long as his daughter lived under his roof, she would abide by his rules and if she didn’t she would regret it… after she had been well spanked strapped and caned on her bare backside she certainly did

Three Tails of Woe Part Two – The Irish Au pair

Featuring Dublin O’Brien and Eddie Hart

Mr. Pane is horrified at the size of his telephone bill; it’s almost one thousand pounds and most of the calls are to Ireland. There can only be one culprit, Natasha the new Irish au pair. Secretly he was overjoyed as now he had the opportunity to give her a taste of the strap and cane on her backside that she is constantly teasing him with.

Featuring Rachael Lloyd and Peter Cooper AKA Grandpa
Peter Cooper always fancied his grandson’s wife and was constantly thinking of devious ways to get his hands on that cute bottom of hers. To his delight it wasn’t long before that opportunity arose and he was surely going to take it. It was common knowledge that Raquel was entertaining almost half the naval barracks while his grandson was at and he know what sort of entertainment she was offering. He decided to give her a piece of his mind and a damn good thrashing on that cute backside of hers for her trouble. After all, it was his duty to look after his grandson’s interests when he couldn’t.

John Brown and Ted Turner have been reported for bullying the younger boys. First to be punished is Turner who blamed Brown for daring him to bully the younger boys Turner is made to strip naked as a further humiliation and is punished with a severe strapping and caning on his bare bottom and thighs. To add to his suffering he receives a hard strapping across both hands with a wicked twin tailed tawse.

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been send to the headmistress. He say’s that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!

The wicked two prefects Samantha and Georgina are caught by the headmaster smoking and with alcohol. The headmaster informs them that as it’s the first day of the new school term and as they have only today been promoted to prefects that he will over look the matter… That is until a tearful Susan Friar enters the room. She tells the headmaster that she was spanked, strapped and caned by the two girls. Mr. Barton is livid and tells the girls that he will cane them in front of the school at Friday’s morning assembly. Not only that he will strip them of being prefects and make Susan the head girl, and as such she will also punish them. Both girls get a very severe strapping and caning


Susan Friar has been caught taking money from the younger girls saying that if they don’t pay she will find a reason to spank and cane them severely. When the headmaster discovers what his precious head girl has been up to he strips her of her head girl status and administers a long hard spanking strapping followed by a very severe caning to her bare backside.
Prefects Pleasure – Detention Time

Samantha and Georgina are in detention when Susan walks in and informs them that she is taking detention and that they won’t be getting just lines as they expected, she is going to spank and cane them which she does with a vengeance.

It’s Susan’s first day at her new school and she is approached by two prefects, Samantha and Georgina who say saw her smoking on the train that brought her there. Wickedly they tell her that they have to report this to the headmaster, Mr. Barton and that he will punish her with a caning on her bare bottom. Not wanting to be sent to the headmaster on her first day the new girl reluctantly agrees to be punished by the girls themselves.

Teresa May is a young woman in her twenties carrying out a do
STING-IN-THE-TAIL-015Aor-to-door sex survey for a well-known woman’s magazine. Little does she know the man she is interviewing gets his kicks by spanking ladies on their bare bottom. Though it’s not only spanking he loves to strap them until they ‘re red and sore.
Georgina and the School Secretary
PART 1: Punished By Miss Flanagen: The school secretary has wanted to teach cheeky Georgina Springthorpe a lesson because Georgina and her pals are forever mocking her Irish accent and finally her chance has arrived. the cheeky young miss has been sent to see the headmaster by the Geography teacher but he is away at a seminar so she seizes the opportunity to thrash her young tormentor.
PART 2: Miss Flanagan’s Punishment: Unknown to miss Flanagen the headmaster’s semi­nar is cut short and he returns to school to catch her in the act of punishing young Georgina and gives the school secretary a dose of her own medicine before sending her away to find herself a school uniform from the lost property room, saying that as she has acted like a silly little schoolgirl she can be punished as one.
PART 3: Punishment PT in the Gym: Georgina who has been sent to the gym for calling the headmaster a silly old fool is waiting for him to come and see her. When he arrives he puts her through a punish­ing PT session whilst encouraging her with hard strokes of both strap and cane.PART 3:
Teresa May’s Punishment Party Part Two
In part 2 of this feature length film Teresa moves onto the paddle and the strap making Sam and Rachel, who are curled up in the bedroom, bottoms good and red and making sure the maid keeps to her duties.
Teresa May’s Punishment Party
Teresa May is the hostess for this fantastic party. With Sam Johnson and Rachel Lloyd as the guests and introducing Morgan as the inept maid. Teresa begins the party with some over the knee spanking of her Maid for ruining the evening meal.
Mistress Samantha’s Corrective Measures
Politically incorrect office manager, Mr. Grundle, has been sent to visit Mistress Samantha by the female board of directors. In this day and age it is not acceptable for the manager of an office to grope his staff and threaten to line them up to have their bottoms smacked and caned. Mistress Samantha, played by Sam Johnson punishes him with an OTK bare bottom spanking, paddling and to complete his punishment a very severe bare bottom caning.
Mistress Teresa May Dominatrix Extraordinaire Feature Film
Mistress Teresa May one of Britain’s most famous dominatrix put two slaves through the full range of dungeon experiences. Caging, bondage, CBT, Pony play, foot worship, boot worship, caning, cropping, hot wax, whipping and torture. See Mistress Teresa May at her very best.
Mistress Samanthas New Correctional Establishment Feature Film
Mistress Samantha’s new correctional establishment for errant males. Starring Sam Johnson as Mistress Samantha. Mistress Samantha tells us the story of how she acquired her liking for disciplining naughty boys as a school prefect caning Jenkins. She goes on to run a professional correctional establishment dedicated to the punishment and re-education of wayward men.
And Now the Cane Feature length C.P. Film
In this feature length production Kara Jayne stars as Carter, Brigella stars as Saunders and Donna as Baker (all naughty school girls) with Mr Forder as the Headmaster. Mr Forder punishes the naughty girls with the cane and the tawse. He gets the help of the headgirl to punish the wayward school girls with bare bottom OTK.
The Games Schoolgirls Play Feature Length
Sarah and Emily find a cane and it sparks off sexy fun. Sarah makes the mistake of saying Emily doesn’t have it in her to really use the cane – and Emily proves just how wrong Sarah is as she punishes her cruelly with straps, paddles, some OTK, and the dreaded cane. Of course Sarah has to have her revenge and the tables are turned, with Emily getting what she deserves in return. They make up with some kissing and just as they start to get carried away – in walks Grandpa! He spanks, straps, paddles, and canes the girls to teach them a lesson.