Blue Collar Belting – Video

Free video with Candice Emerson from Assume The Position Studios.

Candice Emerson has found herself in deep trouble and she’s not exactly sure how it all happened. Over the past week her homework had gone missing three times. Her step-dad had given a stern warning after the second assignment couldn’t be found and he was clear that she’d be getting a hard spanking if there was another problem with her schoolwork not being turned in.

Nervously, Candice waited in the family room for her step-dad. She was so confused, she’d left her homework in the backpack that she always wore to school. Mr. Emerson wasn’t accepting any excuses and he immediately took his step-daughter over his knee for what would be a long and strict spanking with his hard hand! The girl knew what his hand felt like, she’d been spanked just the week before in fact. Candice writhed over her step-dad’s knee, her bottom was burning and she knew that the missing assignments were not her fault. Eventually, Mr. Emerson sent Candice to his room to grab some implements, her heart was pounding as she knew her bare bottom was going to be throbbing!.

As Candice walked back in the room with a leather paddle, a belt, and a wooden brush she was instructed to lay back over his knee. Mr. Emerson laid into the girl with that leather paddle and her buns bounced with each stinging swats. later, she was laid across the couch for a painful whipping with that leather belt that she’d fetched from his room. She hated getting strapped, but even even more embarrassing, he would have the young lady spanked herself with a hard wooden brush! By the time that her spanking was all over her backside was sore as could be. She still wondered where her homework went, but she understood that her step-dad was only doing his best. he was a hard working man, pulling down two jobs to feed the family. In fact, the hugs that her old man gave her after that spanking almost made everything seem better again.

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