Delta & Sky Caned & Tawsed – Video

Free Video with Delta Hauser, Miss Bernadette, Sky Terrapin and Johnny Lake from AAA Spanking.

In this special custom film, Delta Hauser and Sky Terrapin are 2 teachers who have fallen foul of the school authorities regarding several embarrassing incidents on recent Field Trips. It was decided by the Governor the best way to deal with them was with ‘in-house’ corrective discipline reserved for the worst schoolgirls. They both accepted their punishment to avoid further repercussions to the educational institution and to keep their reputation as upstanding teachers.

However, the punishment would not be easy and both ladies would take turns of receiving 36 judicial-style cane strokes across their bare buttocks, stripped of their clothing and dignity. For this, the Gym Coach was required to carry out the canings that would take part in 2 sessions, first Miss Hauser then Miss Terrapin would receive 18 strikes of heavy, thick rattan. Each would be able to see the results of the first part of their punishment…

Then with the anticipation of a further 18 severe strikes to come! Earlier, they were told by Miss Bernadette that after the caning portion of this punishment, the School Governor had insisted on them having their bare hands tawsed 12 times (6 on each hand). By the end, both ladies’ bottoms were an angry sore welted red mess, with equally stinging sore red palms. This punishment was meant to be cruel and unusual to ensure they knew their behavior had real consequences.

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