Kat’s Maintenance Spanking

Kat St. James makes a most welcome return with us where in this special film she receives her weekly maintenance spanking. It seems this naughty young lady never learns her lesson, and one might suspect that she even enjoys her special time at 7.30 pm every Friday (judging by her grin) when confronted with her misdemeanors and expected discipline. However, John is annoyed that she finds her maintenance spanking amusing this week so he has something special in mind to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Kat receives her usual spanking but this time it’s much harder and John doesn’t hold back. Her panties are pulled down and her bare enticing buttocks thrashed until they are hot and red. Then John tells Kat to lie down on the bed as he uses two heavy leather straps that grab her attention. The thick straps are also used together as one, making the strokes even thuddier which finally wipes the smile off Kat’s face.

To finish, two canes of differing intensities (one stringing, the other pure thud) are used across her glowing red cheeks. Kat admits she doesn’t like the stinging cane so that is used a few more times to ensure she understands why she receives it. Finally, Kat spends the remainder of her time reflecting on what has happened, alone in the corner, with her sore aching bottom on full display. You will see that Kat can still very much take a severe thrashing, even with her infamous knowing smile (until told not to do that, of course). Fans of this amazing lady will not be disappointed by her latest spanking escapade.

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