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Lola Marie Spanked & Soaped

Lola Marie Spanked & Soaped – Video Free Video with Lola Marie from AAA Spanking. Lola Marie has really gone and done it this time, upsetting everyone at home with her rude behavior and foul potty mouth. Her fed-up stepdad has had enough of this and won’t see his wife upset by Lola’s antics anymore….

Pants On Fire

Pants On Fire: A Bare Bottom Paddling – Video Free video with Shy Sky from Universal Spanking Punishments. Weeks of stretching the truth and telling flat out lies had caught up with Shy. She was instructed to wait for her step-dad in his bedroom for a punishment spanking. The young lady was pulled over his…

Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation

Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation Violet is in real trouble at home and in her town and has been given a punishment by the judge to be carried out at home and it is both humiliating and soon to be very painful. Ordered to wear certain little girl clothes, she has to be respectful to Mommy Sarah….